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Delivery all over the world!

Selling of Hand Pans from Ukrainian manufacturer

SomeHand Pansare available!

You can buy a Hand Pan from the Ukrainian master from us. There is an opportunity to make more than 19 types of tunings according your choice, as well as the ability to manufacture a tuning as in any video from the Internet. The instrument has 9 notes (8 tone fields and Ding)

A tailor-made variant is also possible, the manufacturing period is 20-30 days.

COST: 1200$ with a case-bag!

A neat and beautiful instrument with butts flanked with copper stripes, which makes it possible to hide metal edges of two hemispheres.

A neat and beautiful instrument with butts flanked with copper stripes, which makes it possible to hide metal edges of two hemispheres.
The cost includes a black case-bag with a softener inside for convenient transportation of a Hand Pan, as well as a liquid for lubrication the internal and external surface of an instrument and for protection against corrosion.

The weight of the instrument is 7 kg. Delivery is possible by "Ukr Poshta" and other delivery shipping or by hand.
Choosing a Hand Pan:

You can choose any tuning you like. Every product has a video with its sounding.
The cost of any instrument is 1200$ with a case.
Tap any tuning and you will be able to watch video with the sounding of a Hand Pan.

We can also manufacture any tuning from the Internet on demand!
Choosing a Hand Pan on the Internet, always ask for listening to the sounding. You can find an instrument that is much cheaper, but the sounding apparently won't be so deep and lengthy (with the exception of urgent sales of good instruments, but this is a rarity). The average cost of a good instrument can't be lower than 1000$. Also, it is needed to clarify if the cost mentioned is with or without a case. A perfect variant is to meet with a seller in person and play Hand Pan. On request, we can arrange a meeting and you will be able to play Hand Pan live in your city.
Videos to choose a Hand Pan's tuning:
HANG IN STOCK. Tuning F# B C# В F# B C# D F#
Hang Pan IN STOCK.. Tuning D A BB С D E F G A

A Hang Pan has 9 notes. A minor-magor tuning (E)GBCDEF#GBE
A very gentle sounding of top notes. A tuning (G)CDEbFGAbCD
An unusual tuning for an amateur. (C)GCDbEFGAbC

A Hand Pan has a very sonorous Ding. A tuning (F)CDEbFGAbCD
A 9-noted Hand Pan with the minor sounding. A tuning (G)CDEbFGAbBCD
A soulful Hand Pan for those who loves feelings! A tuning (F)CDEFGACDF
A Hand Pan with the Japanese sounding Pentatonic DACDFGACD. The second most popular Hand Pan in Ukraine!
A Hand Pan with a heart-warming sounding. A tuning ADEFGABCDE
A tuning (B)C#DEF#GA

A Hand Pan with a minor tuning, has a very sad and deep sounding.
Hand Pan №1 Aeolian (E)BC#DEF#GAB
Aeolian FC DD#FGG#CD. A Hand Pan with an unusual sounding, a little bit of the Arabian style. An acquired taste :).
COST: 1200$ with a case-bag!
The same tunings but in separate pages:

How to make an order:

Select the appropriate tuning of a Hand Pan in this section.
Call or write to us according to the contacts listed on the site.
We negotiate terms and you make a preliminary payment in the amount of 10%.
A long-awaited day of receipt of a Hand Pan :)

Questions and answers ?!

What tuning will suit me best?
In depends on your preferences. Variants of the sounding you can watch and listen to on our site.
How to take care of the instrument:
First, you have to keep it from being hit. We don't recommend putting a Hand Pan in the luggage compartment of an airplane or a bus. In the plane, it fits perfectly into the overhead compartments of the luggage in the cabin.

In addition, we do not recommend playing it in the open sun. Play in the shadows.
Do not put the instrument by a Ding (convex note) down.
Don't beat too hard on the notes of the instrument during playing. Hand Pans like clear but not strong hits otherwise there is a possibility of a change in the sounding.

You can lubricate an instrument with oil from time to time. You can use olive oil or anything other, but do not use sunflower oil. Especially if you are in Eastern countries with high humidity!
Listening to a Hand Pan, we touch the music of the new age, the whole era that we create. Its cosmic sound is truly astonishing and fascinating by its unusual and depth.
The history of a Hand Pan has only just begun. It was created in 2001, at the border of the new millennium, by Felix Roner and Sabine Schorer in Switzerland. Having invented such a complex musical instrument, the founders of the original Hand Pan brand did not seem to be ready for such a popularity, and the purchase of the original Hand Pan until 2014 was quite a challenge. In recent years, while the masters were still taking orders, to buy a Hand Pan it was necessary to write a letter manually and wait a turn (sometimes for several years), and when ready to come personally for a Hand Pan in Switzerland.

After 2014, the production of Swiss instruments closed. But this has not diminished the intention of many inspired people to acquire their own space tool.

Therefore, other workshops began to emerge around the world. A special sound is born in each of them, masters experiment with sound, metal, improve production techniques, adding vision and energy to each created Hand Pan.

Now, as from the beginning, the production of Hand Pans is not massive and that is why the instrument retains its uniqueness, because there are not many of them worldwide.

There are about three Hand Pan masters in Ukraine.
Want a Hand Pan?
Kyiv, Solomenskaya St., 5, 1st floor

Spain, Oleksandr Vlasenko

Panteleimonovskaya St., 25a
Manufacturing time: 21-40 days